. . . . . . . . . .Based in Tempe, Arizona. . . . . . . . . . . .
Lindy’s Groove is a band inspired by the swing era,
with emphasis on danceability and groovy rhythms.
Available as solo piano, duo, combo and big band.

Lindy's Groove Bios

Lynde Hunt, Bandleader: arrangements, piano and sax 
Lynde (pronounced “Lindy”) has extensive big band experience on piano and saxophone in New York, Florida and Arizona, and does arrangements for Lindy’s Groove. He has also performed locally with the Arizona Big Band, Kings of Pleasure and the Jump Back Brothers.
In the past, Lindy played
weekly at the Bash on Ash with Swing 42 and at Martini Mondays at the Amsterdam Bar in Phoenix. Lynde is an avid swing, hustle and salsa dancer, and has recorded and produced studio-quality singles.

Simon Frost: guitar 
Simon has played all over the US and Europe, including Greece, France, Germany and Holland. In the UK, he was a staff musician at HBH and Surrey Sound Studios for many years. Simon studied at Fitznell's School of Music in Surrey, England. Simon has composed and played various pieces for radio, TV and (UK Independent) film. The infamous Simon Frost can even be found in Wikipedia for his composition of music sound tracks for computer games. Since coming to the US, Simon has played major venues and festivals including Knoxville TN, Nashville, Detroit, Los Angeles and Phoenix.